Hi. Welcome to my Hiking Site!

I truly believe that hiking and the outdoors are the answer to many of life's problems.

At least it has been for me.

I've battled with significant mental health issues much of my adult life and fresh air, moving my body, and finding a healthy outlet to relieve stress and get out of my head has helped a million times more than medication or therapy.

While every person with these struggles has their own unique situation, my goal is to gently encourage people to try hiking and backpacking as a healthy hobby. Nature brings us back to our roots and the state that people were meant to live in and away from modern-day stresses and electronics.

It's a fun way to take control of your health, lose weight and/or get fit, build confidence, improve mental health, and make positive connections with like-minded people.

Through sharing my experiences and knowledge, I hope to inspire others to set goals, chase their dreams, and go on their own adventures.

I would never be able to do this without the support of people following me on my journey.

Check out the ways below of how you can support me so I can continue to document my hiking adventures.

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Future Hikes


Appalachian Trail (AT)

Mid-February 2026 - NOBO - Georgia to Maine.

Superior Hiking Trail (SHT)

May 2025 - NOBO - Southern Terminus (Wisconsin/Minnesota border) to the Northern Terminus (Minnesota/Canadian border). This hike is approximately 320 miles and will likely take me 30 days to finish. This will be my second thru-hike attempt of the SHT.

Support My Cause

I participated in 46Climbs 2021 for Suicide Prevention to benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP). My goal was to raise $150 but I exceeded my goal and raised more than $200!

I'll be participating again in 2024. I'll share the details as available.


Thank you for considering a donation to me and my work. Your donation helps me fund upcoming hikes, buy needed gear, and gives me the ability to share my adventures and experiences with others.

Want to see more?

Visit my husband's website to see photos of some of the beautiful places we've hiked.

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